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Our center, located within the boundaries of Port Everglades, provides seafarers with a "home away from home". Beyond a place for rest, our center provides access to communications equipment, such as free Wi-Fi and access to telephones, money remittance services, and an international store stocked with the latest electronics and sundries.  Our center also includes a recreational lounge with a library, microwave, television and pool table.




We keep a small but busy convenience store well-stocked with items seafarers have a hard time finding at nearby shops, including Philippine Batchboy, Indonesian Migoreng, and Jamaican cakes, along with basic toiletries, foreign newspapers, T-shirts, greeting cards, and more.


Mariners have very limited shore leave, and often don’t have time to make a phone call home or shop for supplies. By providing a store in the same location where mariners come to make calls or relax, Seafarers' House provides them with a one-stop shop. Mariners routinely make suggestions about which products and services they need or want the most and we are happy to accommodate their requests.


On busy weekends during the height of the cruise season, we have a catering service that serves hot meals with Asian and South American options as there is nothing more evocative of home than the taste of familiar foods.




Seafarers' House provides low-cost money orders as well as safe, economical wire transfers to 156 countries around the world. Crew members work long hours to earn wages that support extended families back home aid in cash at ports where they do not have bank accounts, they trust us to safely, reliably help them send their hard-earned money home. Seafarers' House sells money orders totaling in the millions each year and the number of wire transfers provided continues to grow.




While some mariners walk to our center, most depend on our free van transportation. Our fleet of 5 vehicles runs 365 days a year, 12 hours a day – providing free transport from ships to Seafarers’ House and offering transport to local shopping and medical facilities.


Our drivers are our goodwill ambassadors, often giving mariners their first impression of Seafarers’ House. We are blessed to have regular drivers that many mariners know by name and consider friends.



We provide low cost SeaFare phone cards directly to mariners and distributors. We also provide iVittamobile – a SIM card product designed especially for mariners for affordability and access to countries throughout the world.  To become an agent for the SeaFare card, and the iVittamobile, please contact us at


iVittaMobile SIM Card Information

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February 13, 2018

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