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Seafarers are often busy when we board ships, but the presence of a visitor offering sincere hospitality is a loving gesture that motivates many seafarers to visit our center or to open up and share what is troubling them. Unfortunately, seafarers do not have the privilege of going home and relaxing after a hard day's work. Instead, they remain on board around the clock, often with a limited outlet for discussion of problems or concerns because their friends may also be their workmates  which can make discussion of work-related concerns difficult.


The presence of a friendly, trust-worthy ship visitor can help with stress- relief, boredom-relief and problem-solving.


The time in port for seafarers grows shorter and shorter as the pace of the maritime world grows faster and more hectic. Visits from our Chaplain or volunteers give seafarers who may not get ashore the opportunity to interact with our ‘goodwill ambassadors’ for the port. We frequently bring aboard requested goods from the store, which seafarers can then pay for on delivery and we also provide cell phones and portable money remittance services to those who may not be able to leave their ships.


February 13, 2018

2018 Golden Compass Award Dinner and Gala

Celebrate with us at the 2018 International Golden Compass Award Gala presented by as we honor Michael...

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